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His memoir, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , sold out its 5,copy first run in four months, quickly becoming one of the most important pieces of literature of the abolitionist movement. He was also the first African American to receive a nominating vote for president. With home runs fueled by hot dogs, beer, a voracious sexual appetite, the torso of a bear, and the hand-eye coordination of a fighter pilot, he was Elvis times 10 on the scales of American celebrity.

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When the street kid grew up, he never forgot where he came from, either—bringing the St. Oliver Brown v. An alumnus of Frederick Douglass High School, Marshall had spent two decades winning smaller but critical civil-rights and education legal battles—including several in Maryland—that set the stage for the landmark desegregation victory. Marshall, the great-grandson of a slave, was on his way to establishing himself as a seminal figure of the civil rights movement and the American judicial system.

In , President Lyndon Johnson nominated him to the U. Supreme Court, where he served until Experiencing censorship by the British postmaster, Baltimore printer William Goddard responded by designing a uniquely American system founded upon the principles of open communication and an exchange of ideas free from governmental interference. Printing technology in the mids was still pretty much mired in the mids, which was when Johannes Gutenberg developed a novel but laborious typesetting method requiring each letter to be set manually on a plate.

In the first decade of its use, American newspaper readership went from 3. Before the 20th century, tap water carried diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. Chlorine was known to kill disease-causing microbes since the s, but it is also a powerful poison for humans. Native son Abel Wolman, a Hopkins-trained engineer, devised how to chlorinate water safely in , making clean drinking water possible for the world and saving millions of lives in the process.

On May 24, , using the language of dots and dashes that he would become famous for, Samuel Morse sent the first successful long-distance telegram from the U. After fellow inventor Alfred Vail transcribed the message in Baltimore, he and Morse discussed the weather and current events in each city. On Jan. In , a steam engine replaced the horses, creating the first non-animal-powered dredger. With cannons mounted on them, they excelled at harassing British shipping during both the Revolution and the War of , eluding deep-draft British warships with their maneuverability.

Want to see one? Our Pride of Baltimore II is a pretty accurate replica. Canning was discovered by an earlyth-century confectioner and brewer in France, who recognized that cooked food stored inside a seal-tight jar did not go bad. In the U. In the s, local canner Isaac Solomon, advancing an innovation of a British chemist, introduced salt to the boiling process—raising the boiling point and speeding up the cooking time of oysters. From oysters, the canning industry exploded around the Port of Baltimore, where packers became the first in the country to can corn and tomatoes, which were culled from the fertile soil of Central Maryland and the Eastern Shore.

The uprising spread to 14 states before it was broken up by the U. By then, more than people had been killed, including 11 Baltimore citizens. The strike served as a precursor to the successful, broader labor actions of the s and s. All Rights reserved. But the history is interesting: Founded by, you guessed it, Alexander Brown, in , it operated as a linen trading firm on Gay Street before morphing into an investment bank and brokerage house. In modern times, it made financial headlines for taking companies public, including Microsoft Corp. No less than H. Now Boucher banjos rightfully reside in collections at the Smithsonian and the Met as prized pieces of Americana.

Streetcars were catalysts in the rise of the modern American city, linking urban dwellers to work, retail, and recreation destinations with unprecedented speed, convenience, and reliability. They were also pulled by horses initially, and in Baltimore, the original line from Charles and 25th streets to 40th Street and Roland Avenue in Hampden was full of such steep grades that mules pulled the cars. Although the line then returned to animal power, its development was an immediate hit, and it is considered the first successful commercial electric railway in the U.

By , more than 1, streetcars, gliding on more than miles of track, were toting an average of , people daily through the streets of Baltimore. The last two streetcar lines to operate, the No. In the late s, five spirited suffragettes from prominent Baltimore families made a weekly tradition of meeting to discuss art, literature, poetry, and philosophy.

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The Wolf of Heimra by Jean S. Dani Collins. Pharm , Ph. James Fane. Princess Pottymouth rated it it was amazing Oct 17, Moonlight Madness. His hair is red and very long.

Among them were M. Carey Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Garrett, founders of the Friday Evening Group, who joined forces to create equal opportunities for women in education. A young widow who converted to Catholicism, Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton fled religious prejudice in her native New York City and moved to Catholic-friendly Baltimore at age She also founded the first Catholic religious order for women in the U. Constructed in , the Ellicott Flour Mill in the small Baltimore County town of Oella, on the east banks of the Patapsco River, is said to be the first merchant flour mill in the U.

Our Washington Monument is nearly feet shorter than that more famous one on the Potomac, but it was built more than 50 years sooner, making it the first public monument to the Father of Our Country. Designed by architect Robert Mills who later would plan the D. During the first early years of America, dentistry was relegated to untrained and self-trained practitioners, quacks, and a few doctors.

In , Horace H. Hayden and Chapin A. Harris founded the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery—first of its kind and soon a prototype for others across the country. More than years later, the institution thrives as the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Where would humanity be without an ice-cold bottle of beer after a long day? Soon after, every beverage company in the world was looking to Painter who also invented, naturally, bottle openers for his brilliant caps.

He opened the Crown Cork and Seal Company in on Guilford Avenue, moving it to Highlandtown in , where it remained until leaving for Philadelphia in Harper, who helped slaves escape through the Underground Railroad, also wrote prolifically for black newspapers, becoming known as the mother of African-American journalism. Ellis Island in New York has long cast a shadow over immigration in other U.

However, from the construction of the Locust Point immigration pier in until its closing in —the period between the Civil War and the start of World War I—approximately 1. Three years later, Myers, one of nine black delegates to attend the National Labor Movement Convention, helped launch the Colored National Labor Union, of which he was elected president. John Henry Murphy Sr. After rising to the rank of sergeant in the U. Colored Troops during the Civil War, he worked as a porter, janitor, and postal clerk before merging two church publications and a third publication into the Afro-American , which celebrates its th anniversary this year.

The S. Patrick Henry , the first of these ships, was launched with great fanfare on Liberty Fleet Day in September By late , the shipyard employed some 46, workers, including 6, African Americans, who worked around the clock, according to The Baltimore Sun. Two-hundred of the massive Liberty ships, which could carry the same amount of cargo as railroad boxcars, and soldiers were lost during the war, but the S. John Brown , also built in Baltimore, survives to this day.

Usually docked in New York for educational tours, the ship occasionally sits at its birthplace, with tours scheduled here for The now obscure Joe Gans held the World Lightweight title from to and was named by The Ring magazine as the greatest lightweight pugilist in the history of the sweet science. On Dec.

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If he fails, he gets an obituary. After forming an airplane-manufacturing company in , aviation pioneer Glenn L. The factory remains as part of Lockheed Martin, as do the bungalows first built for factory workers, on streets with names like Fuselage Avenue. At Western, located on Falls Road near Cold Spring Lane, the first class included 36 female students taught by a lone male teacher who doubled as the headmaster.

Courses included grammar, rhetoric, elocution, moral philosophy, ancient history, astronomy, and botany. Eastern took an equally revolutionary, albeit less stable road, hopping from Jonestown to North Avenue before settling on 33rd Street in Waverly, where it eventually went coed, then shuttered in Western still stands, however, as the oldest public all-girls high school in the U. Ever wonder why the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is so beloved? It might have something to do with its origins.

Founded in , the BSO was the first major orchestra in the country fully funded by public money. The orchestra went private in , but its strong bond with the city had been forged. And the BSO has built upon those forward-thinking roots, naming maestro Marin Alsop music director in , making her the first woman to lead a major American symphony.

One of a handful of Americans born into slavery to document his world-view, Baltimore Rev. Union Baptist, the historic church he led, thrives to this day on Druid Hill Avenue. A whiz on the piano, he used those syncopated rhythms as inspiration for the popular songs he wrote, particularly when he joined forces with Noble Sissle. The pair performed in vaudeville and, most notably, wrote the music and lyrics for Shuffle Along , which, when it opened in at the Sixty-Third Street Music Hall in New York, changed musical theater.

It was one of the first musicals to be written by African Americans and to feature a black cast including a young Josephine Baker , which was remarkable since African Americans were banned from performing onstage in front of whites for much of the 19th century. Shuffle Along became a huge hit and did much to further the presence of African Americans in theater.