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She was brought up by a single mum in one of Perth's roughest suburbs, dropping out of school by Year 10 before having the first of three children at Now she's one of five Indigenous doctors to graduate from UWA. Topics: doctors-and-medical-professionals , indigenous-aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander , indigenous-culture , perth , wa.

Posted January 15, Updated January 15, Topics: law-crime-and-justice , prisons-and-punishment , government-and-politics , wa , perth Posted January 07, Updated January 07, Indigenous actor and dancer Rubeun Yorkshire was arrested during a family outing at a Perth beach and spent five days behind bars over unpaid fines, in an incident his supporters say was racially motivated. Topics: police , indigenous-aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander , race-relations , perth , scarborough , wa. West Australians are praised by police for their good behaviour during New Year's Eve celebrations, with "no significant incidents" and only arrests across the state, police say.

Topics: police , perth , wa. Posted December 22, Updated December 23, Police say the pilot of the plane that locals worried had crashed contacted them after seeing reports of searches. Topics: disasters-and-accidents , accidents , air-and-space , police , wa , neergabby Posted December 19, Updated December 19, Roia Atmar was holding her baby daughter when her husband attacked. She now works to help other families get to the light at the end of a violent tunnel, but warns Christmas is one of her busiest times of the year.

Topics: domestic-violence , community-and-society , relationships , perth , wa. Posted December 16, Updated December 17, Rescuers find Patricia Byrne, 84, who went missing on Thursday in Western Australia's Stirling Range National Park while helping her family maintain walking tracks in the area. Topics: emergency-incidents , perth , albany , wa. Posted December 16, Updated December 16, Police charge an additional two people in relation to the death of Perth woman Kym Taylor, whose body was found in dense bushland in the suburb of Bedfordale in November.

Topics: law-crime-and-justice , crime , police , courts-and-trials , murder-and-manslaughter , perth , wa. Posted December 09, Updated December 09, In her teens, Tara Harrison was so exhausted she missed out on almost a full year of school. Now she knows the cause, and the treatment comes with an added bonus from which the entire health system benefits. Topics: health , blood , medical-research , perth , wa.

Posted November 05, Updated November 05, It's not just the adage "Write what you know. I use poetry to help me work through what I don't understand, but I show up to each new poem with a backpack full of everywhere else that I've been.

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When I got to university, I met a fellow poet who shared my belief in the magic of spoken-word poetry. And actually, Phil Kaye and I coincidentally also share the same last name.

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The father of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne is found dead at his home kindness and understanding at this very painful time in their lives.". Sarah Evelyn Isobel Payne an 8-year-old school girl, was the victim of a high- profile abduction and murder in England in July The subsequent.

When I was in high school I had created Project V. But Phil and I decided to reinvent Project V. We stayed full-time students, but in between we traveled, performing and teaching nine-year-olds to MFA candidates, from California to Indiana to India to a public high school just up the street from campus. And we saw over and over the way that spoken-word poetry cracks open locks.

But it turns out sometimes, poetry can be really scary. Turns out sometimes, you have to trick teenagers into writing poetry. So I came up with lists. Everyone can write lists. At a certain point, you would realize that someone has the exact same thing, or one thing very similar, to something on your list. And then someone else has something the complete opposite of yours. Third, someone has something you've never even heard of before.

Fourth, someone has something you thought you knew everything about, but they're introducing a new angle of looking at it. And I tell people that this is where great stories start from — these four intersections of what you're passionate about and what others might be invested in. And most people respond really well to this exercise.

But one of my students, a freshman named Charlotte, was not convinced. Charlotte was very good at writing lists, but she refused to write any poems.

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I don't have anything interesting to say. And the poem began, "Anderson Cooper is a gorgeous man. After the race, he tossed his wet, cloud-white hair and said, 'You're a god. Now, I know that the number one rule to being cool is to seem unfazed, to never admit that anything scares you or impresses you or excites you.

Somebody once told me it's like walking through life like this. You protect yourself from all the unexpected miseries or hurt that might show up. But I try to walk through life like this. And yes, that means catching all of those miseries and hurt, but it also means that when beautiful, amazing things just fall out of the sky, I'm ready to catch them.

I use spoken word to help my students rediscover wonder, to fight their instincts to be cool and unfazed and, instead, actively pursue being engaged with what goes on around them, so that they can reinterpret and create something from it. It's not that I think that spoken-word poetry is the ideal art form.

I'm always trying to find the best way to tell each story. I write musicals; I make short films alongside my poems. But I teach spoken-word poetry because it's accessible. Not everyone can read music or owns a camera, but everyone can communicate in some way, and everyone has stories that the rest of us can learn from. Plus, spoken-word poetry allows for immediate connection. It's not uncommon to feel like you're alone or that nobody understands you, but spoken word teaches that if you have the ability to express yourself and the courage to present those stories and opinions, you could be rewarded with a room full of your peers, or your community, who will listen.

And maybe even a giant girl in a hoodie who will connect with what you've shared. And that is an amazing realization to have, especially when you're Plus, now with YouTube, that connection's not even limited to the room we're in. I'm so lucky that there's this archive of performances that I can share with my students. It allows for even more opportunities for them to find a poet or a poem that they connect to. Once you've figured this out, it is tempting to keep writing the same poem, or keep telling the same story, over and over, once you've figured out that it will gain you applause.

It's not enough to just teach that you can express yourself. You have to grow and explore and take risks and challenge yourself. And that is step three: infusing the work you're doing with the specific things that make you you, even while those things are always changing. Because step three never ends. But you don't get to start on step three, until you take step one first: "I can.

I travel a lot while I'm teaching, and I don't always get to watch all of my students reach their step three, but I was very lucky with Charlotte, that I got to watch her journey unfold the way it did. I watched her realize that, by putting the things that she knows to be true into the work she's doing, she can create poems that only Charlotte can write, about eyeballs and elevators and Dora the Explorer. And I'm trying to tell stories only I can tell — like this story.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to tell this story, and I wondered if the best way was going to be a PowerPoint, a short film — And where exactly was the beginning, the middle or the end? I wondered whether I'd get to the end of this talk and finally have figured it all out, or not. And I always thought that my beginning was at the Bowery Poetry Club, but it's possible that it was much earlier. In preparing for TED, I discovered this diary page in an old journal.

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I think December 54th was probably supposed to be 24th. It's clear that when I was a child, I definitely walked through life like this. Livestock Science. Sequeira, M. Gestation-related gene expression and protein localization in endometrial tissue of Suffolk and Cheviot ewes at gestation Day 19, after transfer of Suffolk or Cheviot embryos.

Dearden, PK. Functional development of the adult ovine mammary gland-insights from gene expression profiling. BMC Genomics. Read article at Massey Research Online:. Sulek, K.

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Baker, PN. Oliver, MH. Bloomfield, FH. Maternal insulin sensitivity in midpregnancy does not determine birth weight after embryo transfer between large and small breed sheep. Domestic Animal Endocrinology. Pain, SJ. The influence of season on lambs' feeding preference for plantain, chicory and red clover. Kenyon, PR. Pregnancy nutrition does not influence lamb liveweight in developmentally programmed ewes. Effects of dam size and nutrition during pregnancy on lifetime performance of female offspring.

Small Ruminant Research. Duncan, EJ. Identification of reference genes for RT-qPCR in ovine mammary tissue during late pregnancy and lactation and in response to maternal nutritional programming. Physiological Genomics.

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Lactation biology symposium: Maternal nutrition during early and mid-to-late pregnancy: Comparative effects on milk production of twin-born ewe progeny during their first lactation. Journal of Animal Science.

Martn, NP. Ewe nutrition in early and mid-to late pregnancy has few effects on fetal development. Loureiro, MFP. Single female offspring born to primiparous ewe-lambs are lighter than those born to adult multiparous ewes but their reproduction and milk production are unaffected. Golding, KP. Hutton, PG. Mixed herb and legume pasture improves the growth of lambs post-weaning. Does early pregnancy nutrition affect the performance of triplet-bearing ewes and their progeny to weaning?.

New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research. Effects of twin-bearing ewe nutritional treatments on ewe and lamb performance to weaning. Miegel, RP. Effect of water temperature on gut transit time, digestive enzyme activity and nutrient digestibility in yellowtail kingfish Seriola lalandi. Effects of dam parity and rearing rank on the glucose and fat metabolism, and adrenal function of post-pubertal single and twin-ewe progeny.

Bartlett, A. The effects of PG and boar exposure on oestrus detection and potential litter size following mating at either the induced pubertal or second oestrus. Mixing gilts in early pregnancy does not affect embryo survival. Effect of sulphur amino acids on epithelial immunity and parasite susceptibility..

Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. Book Azevedo, EB. Milano, G. Use of faecal nitrogen as a marker to estimate intake of annual ryegrass in sheep. In CF.

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Machado, M. Wade, SCD. Silva, M. Agnusdei, PDF. Beskow Eds. An overview of research on pastoral-based systems in the southern part of South America. Thesis Navarrete, SDC.

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I don't prefer either fiction or nonfiction--they're both made of words. Senate that year against the Republican incumbent, Lisa Murkowski , because her teenage son opposed it. February 6, Long are the days of looking the other way. In the wake of the January 8, shooting of Rep. Republican Party nominees for Governor of Alaska. Topics: accidents , police , wa , albany

Evaluation of herb pastures for New Zealand dairy systems. Edited by: Back, P. Identifying nutritive, physical and volatile characteristics of oaten and lucerne hay that affect the short-term feeding preferences of lactating Holstein Friesian cows and Thoroughbred horses. Report Pain, SJ. Fodder quality specifications- Identifying predictors of preference between hays. Peterson, S. Blair, H. Sildenafil citrate therapy to improve fetal triplet lamb growth — a pilot study. Conference Fermin, L. Progesterone regulation of endometrial genes and their function in pre-implantation conceptus growth and development in an ovine model of maternal constraint.

Poster session presented at the meeting of International Conference on Animal Reproduction. Sullivan, KL. Does dam age effect gene expression in fetal and young sheep?. Peterson, SW. Does Viagra protect fetal lambs against maternal pregnancy toxaemia?. Reproductive performance of singleton and twin female offspring born to ewe-lamb dams and mature adult dams. The effect of dam age on ewe offspring productive performance and efficiency. Peterson Ed. Effect of dam age on the growth and body compostition of singleton ram offspring to 11 months of age.

Brief communication: Are fetal programming effects, due to maternal early pregnancy nutrition, evident in adult male offspring in sheep?. Brief communication: Comparison of early embryo development in cheviot and Suffolk breeds of sheep. Napier, New Zealand.