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I think I'll have to bookmark it so I can come back and pick up some of those favorites to read. Holy shit! I didn't think this would ever end And then it did, which was sad. But wow, what a great post. Nicely done! So as great as the article was, it could have been even better :. Monstrous post. Very well done. In fact, it was so great, you should do it again next month Insert smiley. Marco Solaris. You know it's a fascinating post when you find yourself comparing the authors' lists to your own favorites and seeing many of them on there.

Now I'm even more curious about the ones I didn't have the chance to read in , especially Daniel Abraham's work. I have Shadow in Summer , but not Betrayal in Winter and I really want to read those two back-to-back and then get the third volume. Nice to see that this post has given me a greater impetus to do so :D Very good work, Robert! Well done indeed. Marco, Larry, Pat and Banzai Cat, thanks for stopping by : It took me over a month to put the article together, so I don't think we'll ever see it monthly, but it would be cool ; Larry, it'll be interesting to see what you think of the Long Price Quartet.

I'm really liking the series so far, but I have high expectations for the third one Damn, on a re-read I do this every couple of days! I missed some on my "to get hold of at all costs" list! Just wondering, love Resnick, but how can he blurb a book and not know he did it? Just curious. That was Tobias Buckell's Sly Mongoose, btw. I'm not respectable, but I'm reading Black Man, soon or 13, whatever it's called!

In answer to the question on blurbing Toby Buckell's book: I usually see galleys a year or two ahead of publication, I've read all of Toby's books, I know I blurbed one, and a year or two later I can't remember which one. I've stepped away from Fantasy for a while to contentrate on Regency but now I shall mend my ways. Glad to see Terry Brooks and surprised not to see Sharon Shinn. I've read some of these but I see there are a bunch of new ones out there I must read. My TBR pile is truly terrifying. If only I could read instead of deal with other annoying aspects of life, like work Designed by GameSiteTemplates.

Hornswoggler, Gent. Solaris Books signs author Conrad A. Martin Updated! Added one Martin Dabel Brothers presents George R. Martin, Gardner Doz Catching Up! View My Stats. Friday, January 11, So, ever since I started Fantasy Book Critic I was hoping to compile a similar list for with writers of speculative fiction including SF, fantasy and horror. Before commencing with the lists, one last thing. When putting together the feature, I realized that I wanted to do something special such as getting a popular cover book artist to create some artwork for the article.

With that decided, I immediately honed in on award-winning concept illustrator, cartoonist, and animation director Stephan Martiniere who is probably my favorite cover book artist at the moment. How weak is that? My fingers are crossed. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. The narrator is a difficult and prickly woman, wonderfully characterized. Strongly characterized, well-written, fast-paced. The ending might be a bit The setting, both in terms of coastal Maine and the derelict NYC punk scene, are quite spectacularly rendered.

Also, there might be a spec element, if you want to insist on such things in your reading. Then again, there might not. But if she isn't, I don't know who is. It is a book about the events that made that gunfight inevitable, and the dark sticky secret compulsive magic that accompanied it—in Emma's universe, at least. It's relentlessly well-written, soft-spoken and subtle and layered without being inaccessible. Painstakingly well-researched, it brings alive the American West without romanticizing.

This long-awaited sequel to The Iron Dragon's Daughter is an award-quality novel, although I wasn't certain of that until I got to the end of the book. Because the novel is a picaresque, in which things seem unconnected, but in the end get tied up with a big neat bow and you suddenly understand the shape of the narrative. Also, it's a total pillorying of some of the standardest of standard fantasy tropes, the quest fantasy and the farmboy-makes-good tale, with a couple of codwhallops for good measure, and a little painful examination of class and political issues. Also, it's got a caper plot, something for which I am a sucker.

I only had a couple of complaints—all the female roles center on the protagonist, for one thing, and in fact the whole world kind of revolves around him. However, since I know something about the end of The Iron Dragon's Daughter that I won't spoil here, and this book takes place in the same milieu, I'll just leave it as making perfect sense on a meta-level that everything and everyone in the book iterates around the protagonist, and also sometimes that things are a tad disjointed. But yes, for those of you who know the spoiler, it's that same kind of patterning, indicative of the same sort of mental quirk, though the outcome is completely different from that in the first book.

Also, there are short random appearances by characters with rather familiar names, including a sardonic swordfighting instructor. Whose identity I will not reveal here, because when I saw the name on the page, I blinked, read it twice, and then crowed aloud and fired off three delighted emails. I love good dragons, and dragons are so very rarely done well. First time author Felix Gilman , whose imagination is off the charts, has written a phenomenal debut that has it all: an outrageously inventive world; three dimensional, compelling characters; strong literary underpinnings; and a twisting, engaging plot.

And Gilman weaves everything together with beautiful prose. I'm also working on a dark steampunk fantasy set in post-apocalyptic Washington D. Great characters, solid prose, and a cool take on dragons. Not only that, but it features horses!! I was honored to provide a blurb for this whole new edition. For those who can't wait, it's available in Canada now. Anyways, I quite honestly wrote: "Magical! A satisfying and incredible sprawling, urban, Dickensian fantasy that sucks you into its gritty streets and never lets go until you've turned its last corner.

The teaching side of my life has been giving me a beating these last few months For that matter, it dusted the floor with me last school year also. I've really got to get that under control and get the writing back to the center of my life. Starting the year off is Germany, and then the United Kingdom in May. After that I don't know the dates for things, but my French publisher has said they'll be promoting the book as their featured fantasy debut of the year. My Italian publisher is going to publish it in two volumes, and the Swedish publisher seems really behind the book, too.

Who does that leave? Oh, the Polish and Russian editions! Nice to know that spaced out over the year Acacia's story will appear in bookstores and find new readers — in lots of languages I don't speak! Of course, I'll also be delivering the second Acacia novel to my publisher in I have a ways to go yet, but I'm well into it and excited about the direction it's going.

It really expands the world and sees the characters continue to grow into their fates and circumstances in surprising ways. Of course, nothing goes as they planned! There's also the continuing saga of movie possibilities. They've been working on it for a while, obviously, but they have more pieces in place now than ever before: producer, director, screenplay.

One of these days I think they'll make it happen — maybe in ! I'm staying close-lipped about this last one because it's still not announced yet, but I'll definitely be announcing news about it in Could be big! And that's about it. I'll also be teaching, living, raising my kids, of course. Can't forget about that Also wrote the Jaran science fiction books and is currently working on her new Crossroads novels.

This is because I was too busy reading books published before I am in an eternal state of trying to catch up. This is of note mostly because I have written three times more novels than short stories. Plenty more than I know about, but here are a few I do know about. I love Rothfuss' laid-back style, his warmth and charm.

One of the things I could not do, besides sit or stand for long periods of time, was go dancing. During that time I went to see Calle 13 in concert and I had to stay perfectly in place or experience more pain than I already had. It was a hard task. They had three percussionists and a horn section. Residente and Vistante of Calle 13 are step-brothers and they had their kid sister P as a their back-up singer. The Calle 13 album, Residente o Visitante , is still one of my favorites of this year. I wanted to dance, even with the pain in my back, but when I tried to dance it looked odd.

Imagine Frankenstein dancing to Cumbia and that is what I looked like. I appreciated that no one laughed at me. The people at the show had class. Class is something that some people severely lack. Last week after I finished my DJ set at Zanzibar insert shameless self-promotion here in Santa Monica, I sat with my lady to have a drink. There was an older gentleman that was way into the music we were playing that night. He had a little bit of an Australian outback look to him. Anyhow, he was dancing by himself, a little strangely, but harmless. One Paris Hilton knock-off noticed the guy and immediately started taunting him by dancing just like him.

The guy stopped dancing, perhaps conscious of the fact that she was making fun of him. I quietly fumed as I continued to watch the bitchy Paris Hilton knock-off prance around the club. Edvard Munch. It was released in Anyone who knows me knows how much I revere this artist. The album consists almost entirely of spoken word; stories that are autobiographical. It was recorded live in London for what sounds like a perfect audience. Yesterday, August 4, Lee Hazlewood passed away from renal cancer at the age of 78 in his home in Las Vegas.

Born Barton Lee Hazlewood in Mannford, Oklahoma in , he was a music legend and viewed as one of the more iconoclastic figures of 20th-century pop. Just his baritone voice alone made him sound like a cantankerous, hard living son of a bitch. I suspect he was. As far as being in the public eye, was his breakthrough year when he teamed up with Nancy Sinatra for a string of hit singles and an album Nancy and Lee.

A few years later his own LHI label , released what is widely considered the first country-rock record, the International Submarine Band featuring Gram Parsons. Over the next couple of decades he produced a series of beautifully odd solo albums that were mostly unheard of in America until Sonic Youth reissued them in the s. His final release, Cake Or Death Ever , was released earlier this year. The LAPD immediately announced that Bruce died from an overdose of narcotics, probably heroin, and that has been a universally reported fact ever since.

However, the official report admits that the cause of death was unknown and the analysis inconclusive. Take that Wikipedia! At forty. That's obscene. I've never met a man I didn't mutilate. I only wish I had said that first. I might be happier today. A funny thing happened on the way to listening to some Bonzo Dog Band vinyl. Actually ignore that part. Of course it just dawned on me not everyone knows The Bonzo Dog Band. They disbanded in but had one reunion album released in There you have it … in a nutshell.

Posted earlier this year on YouTube by "AlwaysThrowROCK," the video clip below of street art mostly murals rather than graffiti is a collection of stills of pictures taken throughout around the city of San Francisco in areas such as the Mission District and transferred to a five minute slide show in video format with music soundtrack by The Books.

Featured Posts. Alfred Peet Posted by Whitmore , August 31, pm Post a Comment. He was I salute you Alfred Peet! You've made my life richer! Posted by Billyjam , August 31, pm Post a Comment. Note that this return to the Amoeba Hollywood stage for Shearer will be streamed live online via audio and video feeds -- so just return here to this site on Saturday starting at 2PM PST.

Other artists performing for free at Amoeba over the next upcoming days include Norwegian Prins Thomas, who will be bringing his "cosmic disco" sounds to the Amoeba Music Hollywood stage tonight Friday August 31st at 8PM. For more info on this talented artist and his Amoeba show click here.

For more info on this Tuesday evening show at the Haight Street store, which starts at 7PM, click here. Update: the previously scheduled Amoeba Berkeley instore with Patton Oswalt for this coming week has been canceled.


Shadowmarch 2. Victor by Christiane Duchesne. Whilst I do prefer the alternative ending, I think I like the threatrical one more on the basis that Neville dies. I thought the film was Jag, mamma och Socka Musen by Anna Toss. That moment where he realizes he is the monster and not the hunted, is the ah-ha moment this movie needed. With the original theatrical ending, they never actually touched on that idea at all - but when you think about, that's a pretty damn cool concept.

Everyone else in the world celebrates on 1 May. In April of , stonemasons in Melbourne protested in favor of the work day being reduced to 8 hours as suggested by the 8 Hour Movement 8 for rest, 8 for work, 8 for leisure. Previously, working 16 hours per day, 6 days per week was perfectly normal.

Deadly Game. Posted by phil blankenship , August 30, pm Post a Comment. Parker Posey has been doing movies now for almost 15 years. I have been a devoted fan of hers since the very beginning. I sort of feel like I have grown up with her over the years.

I still remember seeing Dazed and Confused for the first time and falling in love with her. I had just moved away from home and started college. I am not really sure what it was about her. But she just seemed genuine and real. Like someone I would want to hang out with. She also continued to pop up in brilliant little indie films over the years.

And she was always good. Her first real film was Dazed and Confused in But she also had a part in the Tales of the City miniseries. Check out my pal's blog about Tales of the City right here. For anybody dealing with coming out of the closet in , this was a super important little piece of television. This was definitely the first time I saw a positive gay character on television. There had not really even been that many on film up until this point. I knew I had to move to San Francisco after I saw this. Maybe this is why Parker has been so embraced by the Gays. She had a role in an important part of gay film history.

I just watched " Broken English " last night. I wanted to see it in the theater really badly but didn't get the chance. It just came out on DVD last week. I had heard that this was a new sort of dramatic role for her. I have loved seeing her in all these brilliant little roles over the years. But I was also ready to see her do something sort of different.

The film is a tragic little romance film that seemed to really get the critics talking about her. The movie totally broke me heart and made me laugh at the same time. Her mother, Gena, also has a role in the movie.

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Maybe just a bit less depressing. It doesn't hurt that she has a great supporting cast. Both her love interests Justin Theroux and Melvil Poupaud are not to hard to fall in love with. Justin also is fantastic as Jesus in "The Ten. Posted by Billyjam , August 30, pm Post a Comment. New Orleans emcee Mia X is from the old school and has been making hip-hop for twenty plus years. She is probably best known by most rap fans for the period she was signed to and associated with Master P 's No Limit label, but her rich rap history goes back long before that.

However, searching under the artist's early rap years online will inevitably yield inaccurate results -- whether searching on the AOL. She then returned to New Orleans and met with Master P, an aspiring rapper and producer who signed her to his record label, No Limit. So how did this misinformation get out there in the first place?

It turns out it was John Bush -- a writer for All Music Guide -- who got it wrong, but then all the other websites listed above Yahoo, AOL, VH1 , plus many others, inc luding whoever entered the artist's Wikipedia information, copied the erroneous bio. The original mistake came about apparently based on the fact that one of the members Denny D of New York Inc.

Posted by Gomez Comes Alive! So, when it was suggested that Nativo, the club that I spin at, was to host the Manu Chao listening party, I was optomistic about the turn out. So, I hoped that we wouldn't have one of those listening parties where you play the album and everyone sits around and gets some cheap label promotional item.

After the crowd had a few drinks in them the dance floor started to come alive. The Manu fans were dancing as if they were at one of his concerts. That gift certificate was a big hit! After the album was done playing, I expected most people to leave but people stayed until the end. I enjoyed playing that stuff at the end of the night because people were so wasted by then that they started to dance pretty crazily!

Posted by Billyjam , August 29, pm Post a Comment. I moved to the Bay Area in , and although I thought I was through with the record business, unemployment was high and my friend Ivy got me a job at Tower Records in Berkeley. In November , I visited Marc one of the Amoeba owners the first weekend Amoeba opened and he offered me a job.

I thought about it over the weekend, then gave my two employers, Tower and Revolver Records, notice and started two weeks later. This would be late November or early December I am a buyer and I work in the classical department. Most of my time is spent helping customers and pricing used CDs. But the lengths to which the owners, managers and Amoeba employees have gone to help each other in time of need is what I find most unique about Amoeba. It is also what makes me most proud about working here. We live in a time when the escalating cost of health care, salaries and pensions have caused companies to drastically reduce or eliminate benefits, but what the Amoeba family has done for Dax Pierson Amoebite pictured above, who was in a serious auto accident while on tour with his band and others is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Hilly Kristal has died. Apparently he had lung cancer. It's sad to me that after fighting for years to save the seminal punk club he founded, CBGB 's, and losing that battle, he then lost his life less than a year later. He was 75 years old. P Hilly. And here's Blondie performing there the same year:. It's lame and depressing how almost all the cool parts of New York City are being swallowed up by rents and landlords and all that gentrifying junk.

We didn't have fake IDs and we were obviously too young to get in to the club but I went into the shop next door and got a shirt and wore it proudly for about 5 years Everything rock n roll started to feel even more hollow at that point. Li'l Bit 4. This is my week for spotting obscure female comedians, it seems, because today I was delighted to find myself face-to-face with the charming and razor-witted Cathy Ladman.

Cathy was often seen on TV stand-up shows; I remember, Mtv showcased her frequently. I also had the LP she shared with Paula Poundstone. She was one of my favorites and I was always excited when she showed up on billing. Working in Hollywood, one is always running into celebrities. It's a relief when those you like end up being cool in person, as Ms.

Ladman was. I tried to find some of her stand-up on YouTube to share with y'all I'm always looking out for you, sugar , but the few things that featured her also included many others, so I leave it to you to discover her yourself. But only, y'know, if you like laughing and stuff. The immensely satisfying Kathy Ladman. So I am continuing watching the Tales of the City complete series. Now I'm on to More Tales of the City! I have to say, it's not as good as the first series, just like everyone told me, but it is still highly enjoyable.

Posted by Billyjam , August 28, pm Post a Comment. Mad brot hers know his name Both are key parts of hip-hop's legacy, with each phrase and rhyme known by heart to any true hip-hop fan. And listening to "Just to Get A Rep " again see the video below and read the lyircs under video screen brings back memories of that time when the single and the album had just dropped, a time that was brimming with amazing new hip-hop joints that as a DJ I was dying to play.

It was no big deal back then. Posted by Whitmore , August 28, pm Post a Comment. Being Different. Posted by phil blankenship , August 28, pm Post a Comment. The Liars have a new album for us this week. Posted by phil blankenship , August 27, pm Post a Comment. August 26, My boyfriend meets my Mom Posted by Whitmore , August 27, am Post a Comment. Posted by Billyjam , August 27, am Post a Comment. Drummer and Texas transplant Simon has been working at the Hollywood Amoeba Music store for a little over a year now. I also talked with him about living in LA as an artist, about his experience working at Amoeba, and what he sees as the future of the music business.

Simon also offered his recommendation for a good spot to grab a bite to eat near Amoeba Hollywood. I didn't like my job at all and always liked working in record stores. I decided to give Amoeba my resume and in three months I was hired. I was hired April 10th and I work in the video department, new rock, and on the registers as a clerk. SIMON: Amoeba is unique due to the fact that everybody is great to work with and there is no stress at all. I've neve r worked in a job where i can relax around the owners and managers.

They are awesome! In continuing my best of lists, here is my list of the best films of the 70s. In case you missed my list of 80s films, you can go back here and check it out. Since I was born half way through the 70s, I did not see most of these films in the theater. The 70s still remains my favorite time for film.

The style and sound of these films is something that could only be captured in the 70s. Many of these movies have been remade or are in the process of being remade. But they never live up to the 70s originals. There is obviously something magical about this period in cinema that Hollywood tries to recreate. I am really hoping that Rob Zombie creates a brilliant reinterpretation of Halloween. I know that versions of Logan's Run and The Warriors are already being worked on as well. Nothing can really come close to what these films are and the memories that they have created in all of us.

Bigfoot The Unforgettable Encounter. Posted by phil blankenship , August 26, pm Post a Comment. I'm pregnant. Postcards of My Vacation Back Home:. Armistead Maupin 's Tales of the City has been capturing the vast majority of my attention this past week. I recently was eating with some friends at Zazie and the they immediately noticed Armistead himself enjoying his brunch on the scenic patio with none other than Judd from the Real World San Francisco.

You gotta love this city, right? Armistead apparently does, cause he's written a bunch of books all about it and its various inhabitants. They made this miniseries based on the books. I love it! It is just chock full of one scandal after another. Oh yeah -- there's tons of drug use in every episode. This must have been "cutting edge" when it was on, with all the drugs and the bare butts and boobs and gay lifestyles No wonder it was on PBS.

Whatever, I love the interconnectedness of all the characters and how parts of each person's story unfold slowly and tantalizingly. Posted by Whitmore , August 26, am Post a Comment. Posted by Billyjam , August 26, am Post a Comment. Check out this really funny but sadly true Mad TV skit about the US foreign policy and the ongoing war. Take a few minutes and watch this brilliant satire that simultaneously pokes fun at Jobs and the Bush administration -- but mainly the latter. Posted by Billyjam , August 25, am Post a Comment.

These days the busy author runs a record label, invents new types of drums, books bands, and teaches a univeristy course in Chicago at Columbia College about the business of the arts! The page book which is in stores Sept. The highly informative and entertaining how-to book is written and edited by Atkins, who invited about a hundred music biz experts from bus drivers to bass players to voice their tales and experiences of life on the road for touring artists. Topics include making contracts, sketching itineries, pros and cons of drug use on the road, the importance of merchandise, sound checks, and dealing with everything from club sound checks to handling radio interviews and driving a tour bus miles in unfamiliar conditions at 4AM after just leaving a gig.

Lee Frasers of Sheep on Drugs describes the difficulty of being on stage tripping on acid and playing his guitar, which felt to him like it was made of sponge rubber, and trying to somehow keep in the onstage moment. It featured items that are included in the illustration-heavy Tour Smart. I don't know if I have really explained how much I love the great late Mr.

Jim Henson. I know I just talked about him and his great films Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. But there was also this amazing little show called " The Muppet Show. I did watch a lot of Sesame Street. It was one of those great shows that appealed to kids as well as their parents. So it wasn't like my parents had to make me watch the show. And they also never minded watching it along with me and my brother. It was hilarious and brilliant.

Nothing really like it. And although some of the jokes may not be as relevant today, they are still hilarious. Season 1 of the Muppet show came out in August about 2 years ago. But this month, we get Season 2 of this great show. The Muppet show was on the air from to It lasted 5 seasons. Jim Henson simply needed more time to devote to his feature films like Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

And his amazing trilogy of Muppet movies. These were followed by more similar Muppet movies. But these early movies were the best. These movies only made me more obsessed with the muppets. Each episode of the Muppet Show featured a guest star. And there was never the same guest on all 5 seasons. The list of season 2 guests is just as great.

And the first episode features the amazing Don Knotts! Posted by phil blankenship , August 24, am Post a Comment. In the U. As if you needed an excuse to visit that loveliest of all the lovely San Francisco venues, the Swedish American Hall , this coming Sunday it will be filled with the music of Bert Jansch. Brandi Shearer treats NYC audience to cupcakes. Posted by Billyjam , August 23, pm Post a Comment. As a thoughtful display of gratitude for her New York supporters, the generous Shearer celebrated her last night of a month-long East Coast tour by buying a few dozen cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery on nearby Rivington Street for all who packed into the Ludlow St.

Note that this gig will be streamed online so you can catch it if you are not in LA. But for the past few weeks Shearer has been hella busy out here on the East Coast doing an assortment of concerts, radio and TV interviews and performances in Boston, Philly, and New York City. She recalled the semi-shock she encountered the first night, three weeks ago, at the Living Room when "In between songs there was not a word, not a word.

And I am just not used to that. I have strategies for people yelling and fist-fights. But for a completely attentive crowd I have no strategies," she laughed. But still, she had absolutley no problem adjusting to the well behaved audience, as proven by tonight's winning performance in which she shone as did Jim Campilongo who plays the Living Room every Monday during such songs as the roadhouse blues styled " Oh, Singer" and the sultry, hauntingly beautiful and sad country-soul of " Congratulations ," a song that sounds like it's made to be featured in some movie soundtrack if ever there was one.

You can just imagine it as the perfect backdrop to some sad and moving love story. Between songs Brandi got a warm response when she told the New York crowd that she herself had become a New Yorker of sorts during her past few weeks in the Big Apple -- proof being that she had mastered how to ride the New York City subway while transporting an instrument.

Cordell Jackson and Moon Records. Posted by Whitmore , August 23, am Post a Comment. Posted by Billyjam , August 23, am Post a Comment. Released in theaters a little earlier this year, Eddie Murphy 's movie Norbit -- in which, once again, he plays way too many different characters, somehow mistakenly thinking that this feat will make up for another not-so-funny comedy -- is already out on DVD and I watched it last night. At least, I watched as much of it as I could bear to sit through before hitting the eject button.

In fa ct, so lame was Norbit that it forced me to go back twenty years to seek out a clip from Murhpy's Robert Townsend directed live concert film Raw -- included below. Scheduled for a mid release, Comeback will begin shooting sometime in November. Caged Terror. Posted by phil blankenship , August 22, pm Post a Comment. I feel like I am turning into a PG version of Elvis Coffee in the morning to wake up, Tylenol PM in the evening to fall asleep And since it's rated PG, I don't think I will end up dying on the toilet or anything anytime soon at least.

But I digress Posted by Billyjam , August 22, am Post a Comment. The Lookout was written and directed by Scott Frank. It took ten years to get made and is a labor of love Two thumbs down from Ngoc and me. It's set in Kansas City. According to Frank, " I spent time there, but mostly what I loved was that there was an urban environment right next to a rural environment and they're very close together. He can live downtown but work two hours away in the middle of nowhere and I really liked that. So, the setting is very important obviously.

Kansas City is like a character in the film, you might say. Of course, his observation applies to nearly every city in the country between the east and west coasts. Obviously Frank had a window seat on a cross country flight or maybe a just layover at Kansas City International. And the in-flight entertainment, I'm guessing, was Memento. I loved that the mob was no longer there, that it was sort of a dying mob city and more of a "sons and sons of" place now. I just thought it was kind of interesting. I ended up doing a lot of research.

Posted by Billyjam , August 21, pm Post a Comment. While the Bay Guardian, The Examiner, the Onion , and SF Weekly may be the widely known and widely available free papers around San Francisco, they are by no means the only free newspapers to pick up and read in the City by the Bay. There are numerous other free papers found around San Francisco but I just want to take a quick overview of these ones and the aforementioned Bay Guardian, Onion, Examiner, and SF Weekly.

The daily San Francisco Examiner which has gone through a lot of changes over the years is currently in a tabloid size format and is free. While it gets critiqued for running stories from other papers and wire-services, overall it's not such a bad read on the bus or train, as it offers a decent blend of local and national news usually accompanied by clever, eye-catching headlines with a pretty decent San Francisco entertainment guide, often doing stories on SF events not covered by the Guardian or the Weekly.

Club section. But like many of the New Times imprints, the Weekly is often given to smart-ass editorializing that seems more geared to getting a reaction than making a concrete point. That aside, it is a good read overall with good entertainment listings. Additionally, their website is really good with up to the minute reports on news items that eclipse the paper's Wednesday street date.

For example after MF Doom 's pathetic 12 minutes possibly lip-synced show at San Francisco's Independent club last Wednesday night that had concert goers demanding refunds, the SF Weekly online version the next day around noon, based on an email from a reader, op ened a discussion group about MF Doom's SF-diss. Good stuff! Out today is the new album from your favorite San Francisco band " Imperial Teen. They became a band in San Francisco in the mid 90s and released their first album " Seasick " in This was also the year I moved to San Francisco. So this band is sort of special for me.

I think this band is super special for anybody who discovered them in the 90s. I was listening to a lot of super depressing and dreary bands in the 90s. I still love all those bands but I think I really needed some Imperial Teen in my life. I was always a bit afraid of pop music. I thought it would make me too happy. But Imperial Teen combined great fun pop music with that sort of San Francisco indie rock that is hard to explain. I don't know if it just sounds like that cause I heard all these bands play live in San Francisco so much.

Tim on Mar 6, All I can say is wow. That was a better ending by far. There was so much feeling and struggle in that six minutes that would have pushed that movie over the top. Hell I probably would have seen it a few more times in the theater instead of saying at the end, I might buy it.

Now that ending is a hell of alot better then the theatrical cut it should have been used because I wasn't exspecting thr hero to die at the end. Better than the original ending, but still not what it could have been. From the moment the woman and child were introduced the movie went downhill. I agree wholeheartedly with post We constantly berate studios for NOT taking risks when it comes to their main characters. Well WB chose to kill their lead in the end and it ruined the ending of this movie. This alternate was everything I look for it was shocking yet touching, bold yet understated.

That was a stupid ending. The theatrical release was actually a more daring attempt because it wasn't such a sappy ending Come to think of it, these comments must be fake. This ending is the one that seems cheap and tacked on. The original unhappy ending was the correct and brave choice. Bravo WB. The alternate ending is controversial and I loved it!!! Not even close to being as harsh as the book, but a twist reality whose really the villian now That was really interesting. And I'm quite surprised most of you like this "happy ending" more than the one released.

I really enjoyed the movie, I don't love it or anything, but it has many interesting things. The way the story goes, there is no way it can end in a fully-happy-fashion. As I said, it was really cool watching this alternative, but it's not quite believable to me. It makes no sense at all. Too much touchy-feeling to me. How can he be smiling in his SUV with his "new" family?

It seems like a happy advertising. The one released isn't perfect, but I think is much more close to the original intention of the novel. There is no concept of legend here. Sam on Mar 6, Just to clarify.. The point of the story is that he's now in the minority.. The legend element is what he perceives to be monsters are now the dominant species and they tell stories of him.

He kidnaps and murders their kind, thats his 'legend'. The title and whole point of the story is him coming to this realization. If he blows himself up with a grenade, how exactly is he supposed to find out how they perceive him? I cant read these posts anymore. I despair. Scott, you are way out of line. People can have different opinions about movies without running the risk of being labeled assholes or fucktards. Grow up. I watched the movie and I personally expected more I really liked it. Thanks for showing us this version. I never read the book so I saw the I Am Legend film for what it was.

I have to say I greatly enjoy the theatrical versions ending much more. It was tragic to see the Robert Neville die but at the same time it was refreshing for a movie. With this version Robert Neville lives but it just seems to come to a to common ending, they leave, Robert Neville lives and rides out with his new family to the survivors colony. The theatrical versions ending is so much better, it seems different from the typical Hollywood movies ending. I might be in the minority though, I've shown this version to some family members and they seem to like it simply because Robert Neville lives.

Lis on Mar 6, The altenate ending is definitely better but it doesn't save the movie for me. The ending of the book is much more powerful, that ending ligltly touches it, but it's still too light. In the end, Neville should be the monster without ambiguity, anything else and the point is moot.

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Corbor on Mar 6, I feel like it's hard for this movie, considering the book was so breathtaking. While this new ending doesn't necesasrily SAVE the movie from what happened to it unecessary character additions, I think it certainly allows for a much more moving, engaging conclusion to the story. As a reinterpretation of the book, I really quite like this film. This made things a bit better for me. I believe the original ending is the best way to show our emotional to our kinds from all races that we are humans already.

Today, we faced war every where. I found the theatrical ending so similar to our today situation in the reality. Fight them, kill them, and having a castle for survivours. But the original's , I think, is trying to show us a balance between good things and bad things. Every one has a right for living even, vampires. We can not find peace in a castle which is so similar to a home, we can find it in a balanced world.

Finally, I perefer the original ending. It was great. This unreleased ending fits the movie better!! It already alluded multiple times to leader wanting the girl back. It played off of his last bit of humanity and his growing intelligence in how he went about getting her back and how he was like Dr. Neville, who had lost his own family in the tragedy that spawned the "vampires.

Neville's character, just never really did it for me, and it was abrupt. I grow really tired of dumb suits who focus on money and know nothing of art and story attempting to dumb down the American audience, or consider us idiots to begin with who can't handle "complicated endings. Hollywood keeps trying to clone Pixar's success but never realizes what makes Pixar's soul isn't computer animation but great story telling that doesn't dumb it down for the audience. Computer animation just happens to be the medium they like to tell their stories through--and they use that tool damn well.

This ending far surpassed the theatrical ending. As someone who was a fan of the book well before the movie was even announced, I truely wanted to love absolutely everything about this movie before I even saw it. After watching it, I did love it, but was definitely let down with the ending. This new ending, however, completely changes the tone of the film.

For the better.

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Bravo and thanks for sharing this. I liked this one better. The ending in the movie was too abrupt for me, and the idea that you could reverse those types of "symptoms" was beyond belief. And I think there was enough death in the movie, without Neville having to die at the end, too.

The fact that the dog was sacrificed on the alter of "art" was more than heart-wrenching to me. I'm just glad Neville didn't have a cat!

But I'm so glad you shared this alternate ending. I'm sure it will make it's way onto the DVD version, but I would have rather my theater experience ended this way than the ending they chose. Why the fuck didn't they show this on the big screen? A million times better than the theatrical cut with the bullshit semi-religious ending! The alternate ending leaves a nice possibility for a sequel too. Kenneth on Mar 6, I was very disappointed by this film originally but this ending mitigates it somewhat.

Not anyway near enough action for this type of film or enough tension instead of action. I haven't read the book but of course am aware of it and the impact it had upon publication etc. Am i wrong in thinking that neville went round the world raizing cities to the ground a la I am destoyer of worlds.

If so that would have been much better than resorting to the cliche of another survivor coming to his rescue in his hour of need. That's incredible. I would have MUCH rather seen this ending than the crap they are feeding us at the theaters!

Ian McDonald

In all honesty, I was so disappointed after watching the movie the first time Nicki on Mar 6, Joseph on Mar 6, I think the theatrical ending fit more with the theme's that were emphasized throughout the movie. The ending that was used made the story feel complete and tied up most loose ends this coming from someone who hasn't read the book and didn't know what the story was about until now.

Now that I know what the real story was about the alternate ending is incredible and completes the story so much better. But of course Hollywood is all about making money and chose the ending that they thought would appease the masses. How did they cross the blown up bridges in the end??

I almost cried - that is the way the movie should have ended. Oh hell yes I would have preferred it in the theater. Hey, Hollywood - we're adults and we prefer being treated that way. Brian Dunbar on Mar 6, At the theatre I felt ripped off by the cost of the ticket, which tends to sour me on going back to the theatre for a while. This ending would not have given me that feeling. I'm vindicated though thinking about the gate receipts that I have withheld as a consequence of WB making a totally irrational decision that resulted in ruining the movie.

Alternate ending preferred by myself and at least 5 other folks I've shown it to. I like this ending MUCH better than the theatre one. I really enjoyed the entire movie in the theatre, but I felt like the ending was a bad cut and paste job. Now I know why. It was. All of the foreshadowing throughout the movie makes this the natural and more satisfying end.

Too bad they had to "lowest common denominator" it at the last minute. As far as it not sticking to the book You just have to accept them as totally seperate entities and it usually makes both much more enjoyable. I loved the original ending and feel cheated that the powers that be felt it necessary to change it. I was shocked at the ending in the theatre and felt like it ended too abruptly. This ending fits so much better than the one they chose to show us.

Wow what a mistake they made in not showing us the original ending! Sheer Awesome. Much better than the original ending, and Im glad that it'll be appearing on the DVD. I'll be picking it up. I really like this ending!! I read a part of the book but not the whole thing. I like this ending because it further affirms the fact that the lead "vampire" was just trying to get his woman back. I thought the part when Neville says to the camera that because the vampire exposed himself to the light that he'd lost all human charchteristics, made it seem like the vampires were animals.

When, in fact, anyone with a brain could see that the male was hurt, angry that Neville had taken her. I, personally thought, that because the lead male thought his girl was dead that he wanted to hurt Neville in the same way by some how killing the dog which, by the way, had me sobbing in the movie theater. I didn't like the chick showing up just like that all of a sudden, but reading all of your comments about an evolved female who takes Neville back to the rest of the vampires, makes sense. And this ending gave me that AHA feeling. I understand why he was legendary. Because he was a Serial Killer.

The theatrical ending wasn't bad, but this one is makes alot of sense and it definately would've been a gamble. This is probably the best alternate ending I have ever seen. To me, it ties up the movie miles better than the theatrical version. I was extremely moved by the character interaction as well, and it really leaves me more satisfied at the end. WB needs to see this. This is the better ending, definitely and makes more sense based on the setup IN the movie.

The fact that the movie completely drops the intelligent monster aspect lead to a fight within our group of whether or not the vampire intentionally set the trap for Will.

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It seemed like he did but then why have that aspect and no follow up, and further why make it a point to say that the vampires aren't intelligent after we clearly saw that they were! Not only was this ending better but, to me, the ending in the film made no sense whatsoever. With that said, I still found the reveal of the human woman completely lame if they weren't going to go the way of the book and how did she even get to Manhattan if all the bridges were blown up? To those saying this alternate ending was "rosey" compared to the final theatrical ending got it backwards.

In this alternate ending, Neville realizes he is the monster, when he looks up at the wall observing all his previous "failed" experiments. We are then left with the thought that.. Possible coexistence is possible but we dont know if any of those immune are still alive besides the three as they drive away.

I cant even believe they chose that popcorn crap ending over this one, did they even read the book? I mean They spun it completely the wrong way and nutured the story entirely. They called THAT the "controvercial" ending!? Seeing the film in the cinema was a big let down. They took a good book and twisted it into a generic Hollywood everyfilm. Too bad, could've been awesome. I really loved this ending, it was much more emotional and really would have made the movie, just that damn much better.

Chuck on Mar 6, I much prefer that ending. I too felt the one in the film was rushed and abrupt. I preferred seeing the humanity left in those with the infection. Nicola Ball on Mar 6, Much better than the twee small town USA dross we had to sit through at the cinema, had this been the ending I would have enjoyed the move a lot more. I did not read the book but I have to agree that this alternate ending is much better.

When I watched it at the theatre I was drawn in to the film up until the ending. It didn't seem to really fit. I am really looking forward to reading the book to see the different dinamics. Thanks for putting this out there. This actually changed my mind about the movie. Much more superior- much more emotional.

I liked everything about the theatrical version including the ending, however I do prefer this ending for a few reasons that have already exhaustively been mentioned. I liked the visualization of the remaining human nature shown in the infected. I liked when Neville was made aware of the type of legend he was viewed as from the infected point of view.

Alex, the theatrical version still should have easily made the "best of 07" list. I never read the book, any reviews or even saw any previews before watching this movie, so I came to it totally clean. It was amazing! I hate that. They were diseased and mutated human beings, extremely infa-red light sensitive, stronger and more violent. Even a major film reviewer Julie something on ABC tv here in Australia got it totally wrong, and called them Zombie's.

She canned the whole movie because of it, that this guy was trying to save the Zombies blah blah blah. Totally missed the point. Secondly, I think the best ending for me , having seen both versions, would be for a mixture of the two: - Will tells the chick and boy to open the door for him, then shut it and get into the oven thing. Near the end of Will sees the wall of 'trophies'.

Although I didn't mind that she found a virus-free colony somewhere in the original ending, I think it would be more interesting and maybe lead into another movie for her not to have tied up the whole story like that. I suppose they had to though, as Will's blood was needed as the cure, and he can't have died in vain. If it had to be a choice between the two endings, it's a tough one, but maybe the one they didn't use would have been better purely for the fact about the message of Will being the cruel and violent one even if his cause was just , and setting it up for a sequel. They have to make a sequel, surely.

But yeah, do a better job on the mutant cgi. I think they did a very good job on the movements and facial animations etc definitely scared me , but the textures were too plasticky. Gary Storm on Mar 6, The book concept has the idea that Neville is now the legend in their myth, for he is the minority of reality. But this alternate ending while good has no bearing on that point it just shows that Neville has finally realized he under estimated their intelligence and worth as people and is willing to be the better man and be diplomatic to the creatures.

This still has nothing to do with the concept of becoming a legend. Overall in vampire lore, there aren't points where the vampires being the minority, the legend to humans stop and go "maybe the humans aren't so bad after all" "maybe I will stop thinking of them as inferior".

So while good, this alternate ending doesn't add to the movie nor does it stay more true to the book, we already knew the infected were smarter then Neville assumed, we already knew that the Alpha was coming for his woman hence that he loved her the only difference is that Neville doesn't die which is not true to the book and we still don't get an accurate sense of what it means to become a Legend like the book's concept. So since there isn't a filmed ending that is exactly like the book, if I had to choose between the theatrical and the alternate, I would choose theatrical.

Because this version is happy go lucky everyone wins, Neville doesn't become a legend in any sense whatsoever and from all appearances no one finds a cure either. Oh and the last thing, I see a lot of comments saying "this version made me care more" well in either version we know the Alpha male is coming for the female infected, just in the theatrical version he never accomplishes his goal but that doesn't mean he didn't love her.

And if the theatrical version made you not care, does that mean you only care if people live? This ending is marginally better, but the movie is still a crap festival that bears no relation to the book it is supposedly based on. I liked it as it was shown in the theatre and with the alternate ending. But it is irrelevant which ending anyboby likes.

The part that didn't make sense to me was Neville getting caught by the vampires. That whole trap stunk. His sense of self preservation suddenly eclipsed by the emotional bond he had with a mannikin? Give me a break. OK, so they copied his trap. They were watching him like a hawk. They might have noticed he always carried a flamestick or boomstick or one of those AKs. The vampires might have gone looking for some of those. Do you follow me? One night while Rob is kicking back in the tub with Fido, the Vampires blow into town and start capping all the mannikins they can train their sights on.

We get the usual scene where the protagonist starts stuffing every armament known to man in his shorts and bolts out of the house guns blazing. Ebooks and Manuals

Nev is wasting hundreds of these twitchy fuckers when suddenly the head vampire arrives, grunts up and pulls a Browning out his asscrack. Everybody dies in a blaze of gunfire. The "Hollywood" ending we all know and love. We could beg Hollywood to apply the "Home Alone" ending to this movie. Robbie gives the bastards whatfor with swinging paintcans, tarpits, bricks, flaming rope and "Snakes" with his lousy cheating on the countdowns.

All the vampires get picked up by the cops and Robbies mom and dad finally get back from Paris. I'd let one sneaky vampire bite Buzzs' head off at the end for that last thrill that tells us the whole damn thing ain't never gonna end. If they'd wanted an ending like that, they never should've dumbed-down the vampires. There just wasn't enough time devoted to them to make that ending seem plausible to audiences.

There is no "legend" in this version of the ending. This whole thing just reeks of too many cooks, and it's a shame they wasted yet another opportunity to actually film the book's ending. It would be different if someone could actually come up with something better, but after three attempts, no one has. I agree with what most folks were saying. It just didn't seem to follow through with where the rest of the film was going.

But THIS ending follows through. Please, WB, release this cut. There is one continuity error with this ending. Earlier on in the movie, it was clearly indicated, and, in the case of the Brooklyn Bridge, shown, that the Air Force destroyed all of the bridges connected to Manhattan. To be completely honest, this was the ending that I expected to see in the movie.

Everyithing pointed to it. It was obvious to me that the head "vampire" was there for the love of the woman stolen from him. I was surprised that Neville never caught on to this, and that they ended the film the way they did. This new ending shows more clearly why he would be concidered a legend. The altered theatrical version was a departure from the book's conclusion, but so was the original alternate ending we see here Neville lives. I do prefer the alternate ending though, as Neville appears to understand his "social de-evolution" as much as the apparent cultural de-evolution of the nocturnal zombie's.

The theatrical version misses the book's epilogue of demonstrating the nature of the de evolving zombie culture and their view of Neville's predation on their species; the primary head zombie character, his mate, and Neville are wiped out in the final confrontation of the theatrical release. After Neville's final solution, the story or "legend" of human existence cannot be passed on in zombie culture since all were wiped out. The theatrical version deviates from the book in that it is trying to make Neville a "legend" in the surviving human culture.

The alternate version shows a somewhat remorseful Neville, but could have been portrayed in a more poignant manner -- Neville's realization of what he had become, and the effect that social de-evolution had on him. The photos on the wall are his works. He might have emotionally broken down against this wall of his work instead of against the isolation chamber. I think the decision to present the theatrical version was made due to the time limits placed on the length of the film, and how much story can be told in the time allotted.

I saw this movie opening day and because of the ending they display in theater I suggested that people not see it because everything they foreshadowed turns into a huge letdown. This is what should have been displayed because it gives the movie its meaning. It's not enough to save an already slow and boring movie, with little to do with the source material.

This version wants to have the new society of Matheson's story, while also allowing Neville to live happily ever after with the human colony. The whole thing's a little too politically correct for my tastes. As I said, the vampires needed more time for development.

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There's not enough in that ending for audiences to walk away saying, "Oh, you know what, they now see Neville as a legend because They should've just stuck with the book's ending, which completely blows away both of these muddled attempts. The theatrical ending could have been improved if it just showed Anna and Ethan looking for other survivors, but you don't know if they find them. It occurred to me that another avenue they could have chosen would have been the captured infected female becomes "cured", but she has torn loyalties and in the end betrays Neville.

I would have added a flashback scene showing the last of Neville's human companions getting killed by the infected. In the movie, you never see anyone actually get killed by them, and it would have added to the sense of terror to see what they were actually capable of. Tommykey on Mar 6, I liked the theatrical ending for the theatrical adaptaton. I haven't read the book and I would like to, but if the original concept was that he was the last man on earth, then what about the woman and the boy? I do agree that he being a legend in the eyes of the "vampires" is genious, but the thing is Their less than primitive inteligence and them always attacking, never running from him, doesn't really quite make it happen for the real ending.

And note that survival and fear are basic instincts. Having never read the book and seeing the movie purely because it looked like it would be good, I was a little disappointed with the ending. I actually said "What This alternative ending was sooooo much better, it just seemed This ending is absolutely fabulous, I can't believe they didn't use it for the original movie! Thank you SOOO much for letting me see this. I would have wanted to see the movie more than once had it contained this ending.

The entire movie was great, don't get me wrong But the ending just disappointed me like a mUUFuugga. Thanks again. Why are you all referring to them as vampires and zombies??? In the movie they were infected humans who mutated. What were they in the book then? As others have stated, the theatrical ending was a huge disappointment. I really wish they had this ending instead. This "alternative" ending should definately have been the ending that they released in theaters; I would have told a lot more people to go and see it; rather than saying "It was great, but the ending was kind of lame" I told myself before the movie that I wouldn't associate it at all with Matheson's book because I knew I'd be disappointed.

I was going to look at the two as seperate creative works. Doing that, I really liked the movie. I still found myself disappointed that they didn't use the ending from the book though. It's one of my favorite endings ever from any type of media and I was really hoping they'd use it. This ending is much, much better than what we saw in the theater. It would have elevated the entire movie and my review of it from good to great Either way, this ending kicks ass.

They were "vampires" in the book, and Neville was figuring out the fact from fiction of their condition. The alternate ending is muddled, like James said in comment I don't count the mannequin scene, because I think it's safe to say the consensus is the movie Neville became delusional and walked into his own trap, rather than the idea of the infected leader copycatting the earlier trap. And where the hell did that bridge come from in the alternate ending? They were blown up!

A better ending for the audience maybe, but by Killing off Neville it acts as an ultimate sacrifice for the sake of humanity. The alternate ending totally changes the perspective of things and the 'Good guy is really Bad' role reversal isn't always the ploy that Hollywood buys into. You can now bet that with the publicity this ending will get, will act only to bolster the sales of the DVD "Contains original dramatic ending".

The Hollywood machine that owns the, 'Will Smith saves the world' tactic sells theatre tickets and i wouldn't mind betting that's the reason it stayed in. I prefer the alternative ending, much more powerful and thought provoking, but, it would be made so much better if the Woman and Kid hadn't been brought into it.

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For me, that totally takes away all the gravitas and suggestion that Neville is a 'Legend' among this new race of Vampire-folk. I hated the theatrical ending, I prefer this alternate ending sooo much more. I loved the whole movie, I really loved it, from start to just before the end. Boom, they find his house.

Boom, they get inside. Boom, one of "them" is cured by Robert's vaccine. Boom, he sacrifices himself. Boom, there actually is a whole freckin' village of people living somewhere else. Boom, end credits. This end was so much better, period. The theatrical ending provides proper climatic resolution, this version is just a wash out and I can't believe all the posts supporting it.

On the sentient being scale they're two steps below mass murders and baby rapists, the good doctor was totally justified in his actions. Personally I was hoping he'd whip out the big guns and photon bombs and give 'em a real what for- but no he came across as a total goodie two shoes who never did no wrong he even returned his video rentals?! This alt ending just took the 'pansydom' to a whole 'nother level. Why not just make the monsters fluffy pink and foofy cute while we're at it?

I am a big fan of the original book. While a film will never be able to capture all of a books content I was pleased with this version of I am Legend until the end sequence. Warner should have used the one you have posted it makes much more sense and completes this version of the film. Definatly prefer this ending was hoping it was gonna end like this when i was watching the film. This latest version of the story was I felt weaker than The Omega Man. In that movie the ability of the mutated humans to speak their thoughts about Neville make him more of a legend than in this version.

I hope that they will make another version of the film that lives up to the alternative ending. I only read half the comments haven't got that much time on my hands so I appologise if this point has already been made but my problem with the theatrical ending was the idiotic subversion of the meaning of 'legend' away from the book. At least this alternative ending doesn't try to give the movie's title some idiotic explanation. Stevie K on Mar 7, I think this alternate ending falls flat as well. The original falls flat because of the introduction of the woman and child. They were not needed for anything except lazy exposition.

But as far as the alternate ending goes