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I want more of this delightful, unlikely couple. I received an ebook of this novel from netgalley in exchange for my honest review. May 26, T. Rosado rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobook , , romance , amish-fiction , ebook , multicultural. I really enjoyed this whole series and Plain Choice was a fantastic ending to this opposites attract romantic saga. I was really pleased with how each character evolved from where they were in the first book. It all made sense to me. I'm also pleased that the author decided to write a follow-up to the series and give us a glimpse into Alejandro and Amanda's life 10 years later in Plain Christmas.

I'll be reading that one soon. Since I also listened to the audio interspersed with readi 4. Since I also listened to the audio interspersed with reading, I want to give a nod to the fabulous narrator Amy McFadden. Her narration was impeccable and she has quickly become a favorite. Aug 09, Carmen rated it really liked it Shelves: amish , cliffy-or-continuous-story-arc , celeb-love.

With proper editing this series could have been trimmed to 2 or 3 books versus 5.

I enjoyed these characters for the most part, but I lost respect for them part way through the series so I am left with some mixed feelings and may never re-read the series again. Too bad because celeb love is my favorite and paired with an Amish theme It could have rated higher We, the reader fans, are following Cuban singer Alejandro Diaz' love story with Amish Amanda Beiler; from how they met to Alejandro bringing Amanda into his singing world lifestyle to them getting married, and now new life choices, along with tests that life has a tendency to through at anyone's life.

Now in " Plain Choice ", we follow them in their fictional lifestyle of kind of Sarah Price picks up where she let off with " Plain Return " with her fourth book in the Plain Fame series " Plain Choice ". Now in " Plain Choice ", we follow them in their fictional lifestyle of kind of what goes on behind the scenes of a life of a singer; to photo shoots, to shopping for clothing, to interviews, and finally traveling for the tour.

We also experience the endless commitments that a singer has not only to their family but record label. This time the music tour is in Europe with almost nonstop traveling for weeks. And again, life throws twists and turns along the tour. Each twist and turn are to test their faith in each other and their trust as a couple. Can Alejandro and Amanda save their marriage?

Does God have other plans for Alejandro and Amanda? I can't give you those answers to these question. I can suggest that you are going to want to read the series, so you can read this book!! I was in love again with Sarah Price's writing and her ability to bring these characters Amanda and Alejandro to life in my mind's eye and their life that's going on around them as I was reading "Plain Choice".

I am looking forward to "Plain Christmas" when it is released next year, Thank you to Sarah's publisher for allowing her to write the last few books in this series. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. And I also received a kindle copy from NetGalley. No money was exchanged from either and this is all my opinion in my own words. Apr 22, Kristina rated it liked it Shelves: christian-fiction , The road is no place for a little girl. However, she desperately misses her husband, Alejandra Dias also knows as Viper, the singer. Alejandra misses Amanda, but he knows the road is not the place for her and the little girl.

After a while, though, Amanda knows that she needs to make things right between Alejandro and herself she loves him too much to call it quits. Amanda calls in a favor and rejoins his tour which is now in Europe. Can these two work things out? Plain Choice finally wraps up The Plain Fame series. This series went on way too long. It could have easily wrapped up in two or three books. I was really not liking her in this book. Amanda keeps saying she cannot do that because she is Amish, but she is no longer Amish.

She married an Englischer an example would be driving and flying. Plain Choice is simple and easy to read. It does contain a good but predictable ending that I enjoyed. I give Plain Choice 3 out of 5 stars. It was okay, but not great. I received a complimentary copy of Plain Choice from NetGalley in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel. Mar 18, Fiction Aficionado rated it did not like it. This is the fifth and final book in the Plain Fame series, and if you are going to read any of these books, you will be best off starting at the beginning. Having said that, I cannot recommend the series.

Christian fiction should encourage readers to embrace Biblical values and reject that which is not pleasing to God, but I feel this series does the opposite. It tries to syncretise a worldly, materialistic life performing sexually explicit and immoral music with a faith in God. It tries to sugg This is the fifth and final book in the Plain Fame series, and if you are going to read any of these books, you will be best off starting at the beginning. Although the lyrics are never included in the novel, descriptions of the suggestive and sensual dancing in his concerts and videos are.

In a Christian series, I would expect the story line to involve Alejandro realising that his music does not glorify God and disrespects his wife into the bargain. For once, Amanda found it did not bother her. The audience got what the audience wanted. As long as he came home to her each night, Amanda decided that giving the audience their fix of Viper was a sacrifice she was willing to make. I believe quite strongly that this is your chosen course, the life he wants for you. In an industry where sex, alcohol, and drugs were so prominent, Amanda represented the other side, a godly righteousness that was clearly a better role model for the fans.

We can live any lifestyle and still honour God? But can we spend our lives promoting, accepting, or glorifying sin, call it acting, and still be honouring God? Should we be asking godly women to waitress at strip clubs so that they can represent godly righteousness and provide a better role model for the patrons? That is not what the Bible teaches. The evidence of their love is always described in terms of their physical relationship; the way Amanda is suddenly the only woman Alejandro desires and he needs her every night, we are told, and sometimes even delays the start of his concert or cuts short an interview , or the feelings Alejandro arouses in Amanda.

Once you look beyond their physical relationship, however, there isn't much of a foundation to the marriage; yet this novel makes it look as though their desire for one another is enough to overcome the incredible disparity between their backgrounds and beliefs. Amanda justifies this by regularly recalling that the Bible requires wives to submit to their husbands, but this is a somewhat warped picture of Biblical headship and submission in marriage.

Earlier in the series we learn that Alejandro has always had his faith in God, even when he had little else, but he is also quite candid about the extent of his philandering. Now, suddenly, on the basis of his incredible physical desire for Amanda, he is committed to her and has completely lost any temptation to become involved in that lifestyle again, despite continuing to promote it and act it out onstage; even when she is back in her Amish community and he is travelling on tour in Europe with one of his former philandering buddies.

This really only scratches the surface of the issues I have with this series. For example, there is the way in which Alejandro is driven by the love of money. There is a token platitude somewhere in there about using some of this money to support underprivileged children, but the rest of the series speaks quite loudly as to what really drives Alejandro.

However this is already a lengthy review and I think the point about my disappointment with this book and the whole series has been made. It is mired in worldliness, and quite content to stay there. I, on the other hand, intend to walk in the opposite direction. I received a copy of this novel from the publisher for the purposes of providing my honest review.

I hope my review will help those buyers make a more informed decision about whether this series would be to their liking. Mar 03, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: net-galley. This review contains spoilers from previous novels from the Plain Fame Series. Things don't look good for our protagonists. Against Alejandro's wishes, Amanda had returned to Lititz in order to give Isadora stability instead of the difficult and transient lifestyle that they would all have to face if they travelled along with Alejandro on his concert tours.

Alejandro comes to realize that the life he offers for Amanda and Isadora may not be what his wife and daughter need. Though he loves Amanda dearly and wishes for her to be by his side as he tours the world, he also tries to contemplate how he might be able to let Amanda go so that she can return to the Amish world which she appears to be more comfortable in. When Alejandro leaves Amanda behind in Pennsylvania, she realizes that their marriage is now in a precarious place, and waits in vain to hear from him, but Alejandro is already putting distance between them.

The paparazzi have also been taking misleading photos of her and Harvey, the farmhand that Alejandro hired to help the Beiler family, and speculation about a relationship between them is appearing in the tabloids. Can Amanda's and Alejandro's marriage be saved? I liked this novel the most out of the five that have appeared so far in the series, probably because I thought that Amanda finally did what made sense to me in light of the decisions that she made, especially in "Plain Return.

It may sound a bit too traditional and non-egalitarian, but I thought that Amanda had given Isadora a higher priority than Alejandro when she decided to leave him midway through the South American tour, especially against his wishes for her to remain with him. Even though Alejandro's suggestion of securing a nanny for Isadora was an unpleasant idea for Amanda, it would have kept the family together for the remaining three weeks of the tour, which isn't really that long, in my opinion.

It would have bought them more time to really think about what they would do as a family, for the care of Isadora, and for the unpleasantness that Amanda faced from Alejandro's rabid female fans. At the end of "Plain Return," when Amanda realizes that Alejandro might walk out of their marriage, she is willing to return to the tour with a nanny. However, by this time, he has already decided to set her free from his complicated lifestyle, ironically, because he now thinks that if he truly loves her, he should let her go so that she can decide how she wants to live.

Unfortunately, he seems to believe that this means steering her back into the Amish life. Really, these two need to talk to each other and to listen to each other before jumping quickly into unwise decisions So, I won't tell you what Amanda decides to do; you'll have to read it for yourself. I loved all the covers for the recent releases of the books in the series, but I thought that the cover for "Plain Choice" was really fitting. Alejandro is depicted with his right hand twisting his wedding band on the left hand, representing his choice of whether to continue with the marriage or to divorce Amanda.

Amanda is depicted in her plain dress, but with her kapp in her hands, representing her decision of whether or not to leave the Amish world. The image of the Eiffel Tower represents the European tour that Alejandro is on, and the farm represents the Beiler farm where Amanda and and Isadora are staying at. It was interesting to read of Alejandro's thoughts about his love for Amanda and how he viewed their marriage. Over the course of the series, I felt that he was actually quite lenient with her when it came to their separations.

Amanda appeared to be to one who instigated most of these, placing her insecurity over Alejandro's clawing female fans, her family, and Isadora above remaining with Alejandro, who always seemed to long for her to stay with him. For example, I really wasn't impressed when he used footage of her without her consent on a tour in "Plain Change," which made her look jealous of other women, or when he used photos along with false stories in order to circumvent the media interest in the appearance of Isadora in "Plain Return.

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The novel doesn't really address how far the lordship of Christ extends into his life, although he seems to acknowledge His presence more. As in the previous books, starting with "Plain Change," we have glimpses into Amanda's and Alejandro's intimate moments, or rather the moments leading up to those exchanges. While there are no overt descriptions of them actually having sex, I still felt as if I were intruding in their privacy.

I would not consider "Plain Choice" to be a stand alone book. The novel does resolve many of the plot threads that started in the previous books in the series. In my opinion, out of the five books, this one seemed to have the most overt references to faith beyond contrasting the worlds and practices of the Englische and the Amish.

The series also gives an interesting view into the entertainment world that Alejandro inhabits. I liked reading the series, and have enjoyed following the love story of Amanda and Alejandro. All opinions stated in this review are mine. Jun 25, Janet C rated it really liked it Shelves: amish-fiction. It was difficult in the beginning to get into the story since I read 4 some time ago. By chapter two, I was engaged in the book.

Amanda is trying to help her mom run their farm since her dad had had a stroke and provide a stable home for Isadora. Amanda decides this separation with Alejandro is not working for any of them. She leaves Isadora with her sister and meets up with Alejandro who is doing a European tour. Amanda needs to find out if their marriage can be saved. This book was ok. I felt though it was missing something. Jan 29, Cindy rated it really liked it. The Continuing Story What a great story! I loved reading more about Amanda and Viper. If you haven't read the other books in this series, read them first.

This story has more about their daughter. It's fun to see her grow to love her parents. There's a great lesson about marriage and commitment in this book. There's a good balance of happy and sad moments. Nov 29, Rebekah rated it it was amazing. One of my favorites I the series I'm not usually a series reader. I find that I often get bored with the story. I am really enjoying this series and this book is one of the best. Happy reading!! Apr 07, Linda rated it it was amazing. Very good At first I thought it was too much of a stretch of imagination to think an Amish girl could be happy with a rap singer.

I am glad I was wrong. I have enjoyed this whole series of books. God does work in mysterious ways. Jul 27, joan rowell rated it it was amazing. Plain Fame book 5 Very good story. Kept my interest through out the book. Very happy on how it ended. Its great that now they realize how important being a family is.

God bless them. May 21, Nancy Head rated it really liked it. Read the lion's share of this book in one day. A compelling story of God at work. Loved it! Sep 04, Lori Bernards rated it it was amazing. Loved it Loved the whole series of books. I loved following there journey to love and family. God is good. Would love more. Apr 28, Regina Reighard rated it it was amazing.

Great series I have read all 4 books of this "Plain Fame" series. This story was a great change from most of the Amish books that I have read. Mar 21, Karen Fredhoff rated it it was amazing. It was beautifully written and captured my interest. Feb 18, Linda Joiner rated it it was amazing. True Commitment The evolution of a good marriage and what it takes to achieve trust and overcome many obstacles.

With a happy ending. Jan 29, Jenny rated it liked it. I would give this a 3. I really liked the ending. May 28, Paula Barto rated it it was amazing. Plain choice is another wonderful read in the series! Another wonderful book in this series. I highly recommend reading it! The melding of Amish and English life is wonderful. Dec 17, Keri Kobussen rated it liked it. Audio book review. This story follows our endearing couple once again as they struggle to balance a simple life with a crazy chaotic public life. Alejandro continues to pile too much on his own plate and rely too much on Amanda's image to boost their popularity, and Amanda is thrust more and more into the spotlight.

She finds out that she also has a celebrity status, and people recognize her all over the world. Slowly she's allowing her mind to accept that she can do good things in a position of Audio book review. Slowly she's allowing her mind to accept that she can do good things in a position of power.

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I like her innocent approach to fame. There comes a breaking point, and Alejandro and Amanda have to come to an agreement about what they want out of their marriage. Overall, a very good wrap-up to the series. It has a sweet happy ending, just as you'd expect. I would definitely recommend this series if you don't mind the stereotypical religious view of what a marriage should be. Mar 03, Mary Manson rated it it was amazing. Each book flowed effortlessly from one to the next. Theses were not your typical Amish stories as this series was a blend of Amish and the World.

But, Ms. Price made it work!! She skillfully blended both worlds. I truly enjoyed the story! Aug 28, Kristi rated it it was ok Shelves: arc-reviewer , amish-fiction , my-kindle-books. There comes a time when every author needs to say goodbye to the characters they have created and loved and written about. I feel like Sarah Price was way overdue to bid farewell to Alejandro and Amanda.

A fifth book wasn't really needed in the series as it didn't add to the story or the characters. As I've stated in other reviews of books in this series, I thought the premise for the story was interesting.

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World-famous rapper meets Amish girl in unusual circumstances, they are attracted to each There comes a time when every author needs to say goodbye to the characters they have created and loved and written about. World-famous rapper meets Amish girl in unusual circumstances, they are attracted to each other and the story proceeds from there. However, this couple's story progresses in ways that I didn't find believable in the other books and continued on through this one.

First, I can't recall any other celebrity's spouse becoming as famous as them just because they are married. This was an unusual aspect of the story but I found the way it progressed to be too far-fetched and believable. While Amanda claims to be of the Amish faith she sure didn't act like it and too easily gave in when it came to wearing the dresses picked out for her and having her makeup done, having a personal assistant, etc.

Another thing I thought odd was the way Amanda decided that it was ok for Viper to dance the way he did with the dancers and act the way he did with her. He seemed to use her for his benefit and didn't really seem to care for her in a way that displayed love. She seemed more like a mother figure or servant to him instead of a wife using the Bible as the reason why.

This just didn't sit well with me. Are Amish women that easily swayed? And the way he didn't listen to her about Enrique was just too dismissive for me. After debating the merits of a custom Guru 3 and realizing that we were clear out of my preferred color choices since so many current IronTeam athletes own them 4 , Will guided me to continue my search at other bike shops in the area. As you probably know, most New York City bike shops have their "specialty.

You learn a lot fast if you keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Apparently, when you are 5' 3" and a half! And if you have ever changed multiple consecutive flats on 9W and run out of spare inner tubes in the middle of winter, you know that more common C wheels are a much better option to have than the smaller, rarer C wheels. The search narrowed my options down to the custom Guru and a Kuota.

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With its wood floors, large showroom space, Endless pool, spinning room, and spa-like locker rooms—I knew I was out of my league but I ask about the Kuota. There's one frame left in my size. In the color I want mainly white.

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During which time I have been on the bike for a record 60 seconds. So I go up front to look at handlebar options and, after realizing I have already annoyed every salesman who want to go home because it is closing time on a Saturday afternoon , I resign myself to the previously assigned bars. After less than 10 minutes of pedaling during the entire bike fit and some very unscientific angle measurements, it is decided that the seat height was adjusted right from the beginning. What a miracle. Oh wait, maybe it is because we measured the seat height of my road bike.

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I guess they did not notice the impossibility of that anyway due to the crooked handlebars. I am also thrilled to report that the aero pads were not screwed on all the way, the brake cables were not tightened, reaching the shifters was reminiscent of my road bike i. Customer Service for Life. After receiving my bike with the visibly crooked handlebars, loose brakes, etc.