The Story of Charles Strange : A Novel (All 3 Volumes)

The Story of Charles Strange
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The Story of Charles Strange: A Novel (All 3 Volumes) - Kindle edition by Mrs. Henry Wood. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . The Story of Charles Strange, A Novel. Volume 1 [Mrs. Henry Wood] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. About the Book In historical fiction.

Please refresh the page and retry. Here are 10 brilliant and strange books and series that could do with a nod from the TV commissioners….

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Hard Times. Alan Partridge. Fight Club. Here there is poetic justice, of sorts, and not just for her. Contents [ show ].

Set in a future society where the Islamic world has become a federated superpower and the US and Europe are in decline, it follows a street kid turned investigator on the hunt for a neurologically-enhanced serial killer. Mixing the culture and ritual of Islam with a gritty SF plot full of brain-chips, smart drugs, personality transformations and technological lowlives, it's rare and memorable stuff. I n a more sane universe, these black-hearted guilty pleasures would be entering their fourth season on Netflix already.

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Part hacker comedy, part occult thriller and part warm-beer espionage drama, Stross's longrunning series imagines the men and women of a secret British government agency facing off against Lovecraftian unspeakables, mad elves, vampire stockbrokers and, greatest of horrors, the British political class. The conceit is that sufficiently advanced coding is industinguishable from magic rooted iPhones to run cantrips, speed cameras zap malefactors with a basilisk gaze , Stross keeps the whole thing neatly balanced on a knife edge between spoof and seriousness, and the two protagonists, one armed with an itchy Linux finger and the other with an ageless demon violin, are a delight as well.

Only one disruptive techno-Buddhist holds out hope of salvation.

But a better way in would be this self-contained tale of an ambassador sent with a philosophically-minded drone for company to a world that settles its conflicts by means of a huge, society-spanning and strategically opaque game. A nn Leckie's first novel won pretty much all the science fiction world's top prizes when it appeared, and it's not hard to see why: this deftly-plotted piece of grand-scale space opera gestures to its illustrious forerunners in the genre Banks, Le Guin but stands confidently on its own distant and alien ground.

It's set in a society that doesn't recognise or understand gender, in which superintelligent AIs control not just the systems of starships but whole battalions of cloned human crew as well.

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The protagonist Breq -- mind of a troop carrier starship, body of a human -- is a brilliant invention, and things only get weirder from there. T his volume sequence of French science-fiction novels, most of which have never been translated to English, was in fact made into a hilariously dreadful Canadian television series in , but the bigger budgets and higher aspirations of today's TV might do better justice to its sprawling doompocalypse.

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